An Odyssey with Lydia

This year I’ve been asked by the progressive and internationally minded Teater Republique in Copenhagen to assist talented, Berlin-based director; Lydia Bunk in putting together a text for her version of The Odyssey! Homer’s amazing epic is as relevant as ever, as we explore the role of the soldiers returning from war. Today, in the last century or 2000 years ago – it’s a long and perilous journey to free yourself of the horrors and really arrive home.
From my particular position in the world – partly living on the divided island of Cyprus – this is a great and exciting challenge. Very happy to be part of this project!


networking south

Thanks to the Danish Arts Council I head south 17th – 20th October to Athens for the Autumn IETM meeting… The theme this time is Tomorrow. I was there last in 2007 as a guest of Theatre Entropia to form the 2nd stage of the @work network – Civilisation.

Looking forward to learn more about movements within Greek theatre and meeting new people!