Festival Diaries

Had the distinct pleasure of participating in the Geopark Festival 2016 with the Uneasy Listening Society project; Sound Diaries. We created sound works each day based on a topic inspired by the festival. Thomas applies a philosophical perspective, and I comment with an artistic angle. It’s accessible and dynamic – and adds a different dimension to the festival programme… And it’s fun too!

Supported by Geopark Festival 2016


Let them have Cake

Spent an inspiring week in Riga, Latvia in the brilliant company of writer/ performers Ivo Briedis and Janne Saarakkala to devise the concept for a new performance scheduled to premier in 2018. We are reviving 3 characters from the 2008 show In the Nude – who will unite around a special celebration.
Other exciting connections include the progressive St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Riga, a representative of the LGBT community and the Ara Dance Company.
Can’t wait for the next workshop!
Supported by Kultur Kontakt Nord.

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Uneasy Listening

The talented sound artist and philosopher, Thomas Burø, and yours truly have decided to join forces to explore, strengthen and play with our ability to listen. We are creating performances that work with the audiences’ listening experience and indulges in an excess of amazing sounds. We’ve loving called our endeavours The Uneasy Listening Society.

Our first project: I’m Not Here will present work-in-progress in Vallekilde Højskole on April 20th at 8pm.


Nude thoughts..

2016 has inspired new connections with wonderful, familiar colleagues! Soon it will be the 10 year anniversary of the Nordic hotel performance In the Nude. The three characters; Leo, Veirsturs and Angela feel the urge to reunite – in a very different setting – to explore which freedoms they have gained, or lost, over the past decade.
We hope to start this journey in July ‘ 16 in Riga.

Blast from the past: In the Nude 2008

Performance Art in Cyprus..

2015 has included many inspiring, new encounters…

Among these I have become a consultant of the brilliant CIPAFestival organisational team. With four other passionate, creative thinkers I’m helping to plan and curate the 4th international performance art festival in Cyprus. So much exciting artistic work to look forward to!

Photo by Christina Georgiou

Democracy in Budapest

This Autumn’s IETM plenary meeting was held in Hungary. A nation which recently has generated plenty of unhappy headlines worldwide. The meeting theme was Democracy, which made the conference more urgent, and sharped the focus of the attendants in a very good way.


Insightful introductions to the work of local artists/ organisers spurred many intense discussions on art and activism. It was a delight to see many younger, new faces bringing a surge of passion and action into the debate.