Holy Shit – kids telling stories

In the dark months of November and December 2018 I was working as a dramaturg on a project by TeaterKUNST in the town Kokkedal in the northern part Zealand. The aim was to work with young people in a housing area with a complicated reputation. And tell their stories about the area through artistic means. The kids were amazing, creative and fun – and the team worked so hard on the project, connecting, opening up and exploring with them. The results can be experienced as an augmented reality walk on location and seen on this website: HOLY SHIT KOKKEDAL


Oops – my body / festival ’18

We were thrilled to present the Oops Festival 2018. We focused our attention on failure and the body and presented a programme filled with great performances and insightful talks, good, vegan food, music and surprises. The acts included Daily Fiction’s (DK) breathtaking Splastic dance performance, Cameryn Moore’s (US/ DE) Terrible Sex Tips, Jamie MacDonald’s (CA/FIN) standup show Gender Euphoria, Boaz Barkan’s (DK) Our Other Body and a reading from Sofie Lebech’s (DK) show This Is For Her. We had a screening of Topher Campbell’s (UK) movie FETISH, and exhibition of the stunning drawings by Sarah Glerup, talks on perceptions of fatness in our culture, anxiety and body image, how it feels to be shot and a workshop on how to save a life. We tasted failed beer and was provided with a body-light event by artist in residence with TeaterKUNST: Lucas Pradino (BR). It was an intense experience and the entire team worked really hard. The location and weather was a challenge but each and every experiences was excellent.

normal is not easy

Planing a trans-Baltic performance takes a lot of preparation, coordination and artistic exchange. The work on Normal Cake, Please had a good start in 2017 but we quickly realised the project is bigger and more complex that it’s predecessor: In the Nude.

Embracing the topic of “normality” is complex in a time when normalising certain, marginalised groups in society demonstrates necessary, positive signs of inclusion – but on the other hand there is a normalisation of both inhumane actions and speech taking place that we all should be alarmed by. So, we pose the question: What is normal to you? And are you okay with that?

Performer and standup comedian Jamie MacDonald (CA/ FIN) was welcomed as a member of the team in January 2018, and a new writers workshop was scheduled for July. This turned out to be productive for the writing process and boosting the audience work. And we were able to hold a reading for an invited audience on July 5th.

Photos by Beáta Kublik

take a look at failure

Am thrilled to present a small video from the launch of the Oops Festival in Åben Dans, Roskilde in November. The many inspirations linger on as we venture into planing the first edition of the festival. We are looking to develop the festival in an organic and innovative way. Such joy to discover where ever we go people have ideas and suggestions for the work.

fail photo
The Failing Wall

Video by: Kaleigh Howland & Emma Galasso

Fabulous Failing Festival Launch

November 18th saw the launch of our new 10 year venture: The Oops Festival. A celebration of failing and f*ck-ups through performances, music, events and workshops in the brilliant town of Roskilde. It was a day of inspirational talks and captivating performances, beautiful music and a wonderful, engaged audience. We are buzzing and full of ideas for the festival that is to take place on November 16. 17. & 18th 2018. Joy!

Performances by: Janne Saarakkala (FIN), Sofie Lebech (DK) and Jakob Bro (DK)
Talks by: Thomas Vigild (DK), Keith Gumery (UK), Layla Torres Mollerup/ TeaterKUNST (DK), Rui Laing & Rebecca Ribbing/ Museum of Failures (SE), Thomas Aaby Berdal/ I Will Cook For Food (DK), Oleg Koefoed (DK)

Supported by The Danish Arts Council and DJBFA

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Photos: Meagan Roderique / @mroderique

Quiet Village in Pafos

Was thrilled to be invited to contribute to the Pafos 2017 Mouttalos event – celebrating past and present life in the old Turkish quarter of the city. Our audio walk – The Quiet Village – took people into the area through a number of sound chapters. It was great meeting locals, ex-pats and students and hearing their experiences!

The audio walk can be heard here:
The Quiet Village

Arranged by: Angela Petrou & Maria Hadjisoteriou from Nicosia University.
Supported by the Danish Arts Council.


Cake fight in Copenhagen

One of the sunnier moments of this Summer came with the joy of starting work on our Normal Cake, Please performance with a workshop in Copenhagen. We spend 10 days rediscovering our characters weaknesses and strengths, collaborating with the wonderful ARA dance company and consulting with our brilliant consultants; Pilvi, Thomas, Sofie and Paula.
The work opened up many questions around our topic – freedom in 2018. The conclusion of the workshop is already evident: The three protagonists are very stuck in their own views of the world – and hate the idea of sharing a cake.
Plenty of challenges to look forward to!
Supported by: KKN, APCF and the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.