artistic platforms

I have been arranging a number of international artistic exchange platforms since 2007. They include festivals, workspaces and networks.

2017 – 2018 : A festival exploring faults, failures & f*ck-ups: OoPS! created by the Uneasy Listening Society. The festival bring performing arts, workshops and discussion together in a 10 year project taking place in Roskilde, Denmark. Am excited to be the artistic director of this endeavour. For more information check the: Oops Festival

Oops 2017
Logo design: Pauline Mogensen

2016: Preparation member of Cyprus International Performance Art Festival presenting performance art on the island of Cyprus. New Synchronicities aimed to connect art, audiences and nature in newly created performance pieces. Founded in 2013 by Christina Georgiou.

cipaf open call 2016 teliko 5.1.2016
Logo design: Phedon Odysseos

2012: No More Miss Nice Guy is an exchange platform dealing with issues of diversity within performing arts in creative ways. Collaborators are Blaue Frau (FIN) and WISP (SE).

 Video by the amazing Patriez van der Wens

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2009-2011: Workspaces. Under the @work network I have arranged and curated workspaces for artists. In 2011 the topic was sustainability and performing arts. We addressed the various ways in which economic, human and environmental sustainability is applied in theatre work in the UK, Sweden, Latvia, Denmark and Finland. The days consisted of creative workshops and in the evenings work was presented by Jörn Burmester (DE), Teatermaskinen (SE), TeaterKUNST (DK) and music sessions with a number of local artists. Presented in Warehouse 9.

2010: My World Images. A festival presenting predominantly collaboration work from developing countries in 14 cities throughout Denmark. The program included Visual Arts, Music, Performing Arts and Film. Duration 3 weeks. I was project coordinator and programmer of the performing arts section. Projects included Cantabile 2/ various Middle Eastern artists, Republique/ Third World Bunfight, Stuart Lynch/ Ugandan artists and Ditte Marie Bjerg/ Khvan de la Cruz.

2007: The Story of Work. A 4 day festival that presented 16 pieces all addressing different aspects of working life in Europe. Included 5 minute dance a day from Fiona Hirzel (CH), Arbeit 3.1 from The Berlin Network (DE), Lure (FIN), Journeys to Work by Red Room (UK) and Essay of Work, Teatermaskinen (SE). Music, a carnival parade and topical seminars were part of the program. Took place at HUSET in Magstræde.

2005-2011: the @work network. An international development platform for performing arts. Consisting of independent companies/ artists in 8 European countries and devised performances, workshops, festivals, seminars and workspaces. Supported by Culture 2000, Culture Point North and many others.


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