Since 2002 I have been directing, writing, doing dramaturgy and on odd occasions performing. Below are some selected works. I work in English and Danish and range over participatory performances, contemporary circus to regular text based plays. My main platform for performance making from 2004-2011 was the independent company: TeaterKUNST.

2021-2022: Performer, writer and producer NORMAL CAKE, PLEASE. A site-specific performance taking place in churches in Helsinki, Helsingør and Riga. A queer wedding, a load of confessions and a conflict about a wedding cake. With Janne Saarakkala, Ivo Breidis and Jamie MacDonald and a bunch of wonderful, local performers.


Photo: Rita Rudusa

2020: Directed THE CHEYENNE ARE LEAVING a moving 2 hander about the painful choice to leave your home in times of conflict. Written by Tanja Mastillo, who won the Reumert Award for this play. World premiere: Teatret ved Sorte Hest. Produced by Why Not Theatre Company.


Photo: Aleksandar S. Mastilo

2019: Directed MAIREAD. A newly written drama by Serbian/ Danish Tanja Mastillo. 4 people wake up in separate cells – the only common link is the co-prisoner, Mairead. About love, loss and the ultimate punishment. World premiere: Teatret ved Sorte Hest. Produced by Why Not Theatre Company.

Photo: Aleksandar S. Mastilo

2017: The Quiet Village. Audio walk developed under the Capital of Culture Pafos during a residency at the Kimonos Arts Center. The walk was a poetic journey through the old Turkish quarter of Mouttalos and addressed the differences between quiet and silence. Made in collaboration with Thomas Burø under the Uneasy Listening Society.

2012/ 13/ 14: Leftovers of the War. A collaboration between 4 artists from Finland, Latvia, Iceland and Denmark. An artistic guided tour through museums and bring the personal and official histories together. Opened under the Baltic Circle Festival in November. Produced by the artists and supported by KKN. Performed in Denmark in the summer of 2013 at the OK festival at the Cultural History Museum of Odsherred. In May 2014 the team collect to create the Latvian rendition of the performance at the former KBG headquarters in Riga.


 Photo: Linda Vapalahti 

2011: Lisa Realtime. A female look at Hitchcock’s thriller “Rear Window”. In a apartment in Nyhavn two women compete to become Grace Kelly. They see the movie through the perspective of the female character and search for their own ideas of perfect relationships. Presented by TeaterKUNST in November. Supported by the Danish Arts Council.

poster: Thomas Burø

2010: TIME. 6 writers were given the task to write a text about time within 24 hours. They were spread out over the world from Bangladesh to Cape Town, Montreal, Wellington, Santiago de Chile and Copenhagen. The texts were put together in a collage of time and places and performed in Teater FÅR 302 in May. Supported by the Danish Arts Council and DCCD.

2009: Wall2Wall Copenhagen. Under the Metropolis Biennale TeaterKUNST presented a journey into making utopia. A bus takes the audience to a secret location where a number of artists are creating utopias with the help of the audiences dreams. Supported by the Danish Arts Council and Metropolis.

photo: Mark Ian Jones/ video: Jörn J. Burmester

2008: In the Nude. Three people decide to reunite in a hotel 10 years after a shared night of passion. The audience are split into three groups and join them just before they are about to meet to hear their confessions about the reunion. Performed in hotels in Helsinki, Riga, Copenhagen and Montreal. Presented by the Danish Arts Council at CINARS. Produced by TeaterKUNST and supported by KKN.

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2008: Directed Sisyphus Ascending. A contemporary circus solo with the talented Lars Gregersen. Sisyphus is trapped in a never ending struggle with work. Presented in Kaleidoskop, produced by Teater Glimt. Supported by the Danish Arts Council.

video: Teater Glimt

2007: Chronotopia. A 72 hour research of Vilnius (LT) expressed through sound, visuals and stories. Performed at Arts Printing House for the Culture Night. Supported by Norden.

Photos: Caroline Trautner

2004 & 2006: Writer of §125a (DK) & Bodies in Transit (UK). A solo about the complex and devastating situation of a trafficking victim. A woman’s journey from Lithuania to Denmark told from a detention cell. Produced by Mucca Divina and performed in Teateret ved Sorte Hest and at the Traverse Theatre for the Edinburgh Festival. Supported by the Danish Arts Council.

photos: Mucca Divina

2005: Director of Bagdad Snapshots. An adaptation of journalist Åsne Seierstad’s book “101 nights” about her experiences in Baghdad during the American invasion. Performed at Bådteateret (DK) and the Lillehammer Literature Festival (N). Produced by Karasjok Teater.

photos: Sissel Romme

2002-2007: Stage director and deviser of young theatre projects at That Theatre Company. Debut: The Caretake by Harold Pinter, 2002.

photo: Mark Ian Jones

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