world travels

In order to develop and find new ways of working with performing arts I’ve been on a number of residencies and workshops in different places around the world working with local artists. Below a list of some of these experiences.

2019: I was accepted on Bulgarian Arte Urbana Collectif’s Summer script writing camp for 2 weeks in the idyllic mountains. The subject was Shangri-La and the methodologies were all site-related/ immersive and game related. Great to work with writers from such different fields.


2017: Uneasy Listening Society, Copenhagen. Residency to work on pan-Baltic project about freedom and middle-age. Assembling a team that worked together 10 years ago and adding new voices. Supported by KKN.



2017: Kimonos Art Center, Pafos, Cyprus. Residency with Thomas Burø to work on audio-walk piece to be presented under the Culture Capital Pafos 2017.



2015: Nuuk, Greenland. Residency with Annette Max Hansen to develop project about prejudice and Greenland. Humbling and totally wonderful interviews. Supported by KKN travel grants.


2012: Helsinki International Artists Program (HIAP). Writer’s residency to work on Leftovers from the War. Helsinki, Finland. Supported by KKN.



2012: Workshop on city walk project with Opovoempe, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Arranged by TeaterKUNST. Supported by The Danish Arts Council.



2011: Lost City, mermaid city walk project for the Turku City of Culture. Turku, Finland. Supported by KKN.


photo: Tomi Hurskainen

2009: Workshop on city walks with architect/ activists Dala, Durban South Africa. Supported by the Danish Arts Council.


2008: Performance residency, Montelon Castle, France. Arranged by Teater Glimt. Supported by the Danish Arts Council.



2008: TeaterKUNST performance residency, Sophiensaele, Berlin. Working on the Wall 2 Wall project. Supported by the Danish Embassy, Berlin.



2007: Contemporary circus residency, dramaturgy. With Circo del Aireo, Santiago de Chile. Supported by Copenhagen International Theatre.


2005: Writing residency at San Cataldo, Amalfi, Italy

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