Cake fight in Copenhagen

One of the sunnier moments of this Summer came with the joy of starting work on our Normal Cake, Please performance with a workshop in Copenhagen. We spend 10 days rediscovering our characters weaknesses and strengths, collaborating with the wonderful ARA dance company and consulting with our brilliant consultants; Pilvi, Thomas, Sofie and Paula.
The work opened up many questions around our topic – freedom in 2018. The conclusion of the workshop is already evident: The three protagonists are very stuck in their own views of the world – and hate the idea of sharing a cake.
Plenty of challenges to look forward to!
Supported by: KKN, APCF and the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.


audio drama seminar

With great anticipation I attended the Audio Drama seminar hosted by the University of Copenhagen and the School of Performing Arts educational program. The line up was impressive and the speakers passionate. It was thrilling to discover how this form, that I’ve merely flirted with, is reinventing itself and finding ways of developing outside the somewhat conservative institutional strongholds. The internet has made the distribution, and technical development, of audio experiences stronger and easier to access. But as with all interesting art forms it’s hard to find a common term that really describes the experience… here are some suggestions; audio drama, audio performances, ear movies, audio fiction, sound theatre, sonifications, theatre of the skull (S. Beckett)… Additionally the first Flyd Festival took place in connection with the seminar, a slightly secret but very impressive festival of audio drama performed in theatres and movie houses.

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residency for sarah chew

In August I invited director/ writer and founder of UK company Critical Mass, Sarah Chew, to spend a residency week in Copenhagen. Together we were to contemplate ways in which to combine two of our shared passions in new and thought provoking ways. Concepts combining food and theatre spurred both politically charged and highly entertaining ideas. We discussed forms of solo experiences and group dining shows and sampled spaces in which they could be performed. A joyful part of the residency was doing a reading of a new text Sarah is working on about personal encounters at home and in Iran.


angel reading

I was asked to write a short 10 minute piece to be performed one day only. It is part of the inspiring theatre project Ho Ho Drama – a daily pop-up Christmas calendar being performed on various locations in Copenhagen throughout December. My piece is called ANGEL and is shown in the Hay4you office, Vimmelskaftet 49, 1. in the heart of the city on December 5th.


The great crew presenting the reading are wonderful actors: Fadime Turan, Layla Torres Mollerup and Amira Jasmina Jensen and director Mikala Bjarnov Lage.

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