Democracy in Budapest

This Autumn’s IETM plenary meeting was held in Hungary. A nation which recently has generated plenty of unhappy headlines worldwide. The meeting theme was Democracy, which made the conference more urgent, and sharped the focus of the attendants in a very good way.


Insightful introductions to the work of local artists/ organisers spurred many intense discussions on art and activism. It was a delight to see many younger, new faces bringing a surge of passion and action into the debate.



networking south

Thanks to the Danish Arts Council I head south 17th – 20th October to Athens for the Autumn IETM meeting… The theme this time is Tomorrow. I was there last in 2007 as a guest of Theatre Entropia to form the 2nd stage of the @work network – Civilisation.

Looking forward to learn more about movements within Greek theatre and meeting new people!