leftovers to visit Riga

For the Culture Capital 2014 the Leftovers of the War team gather to make an exciting new interpretation of this European family saga.

This version will take place on May 28th, 29th,30th & 31st in the former KGB headquarters in Riga that will be occupied by artistic projects for the Culture Capital.

Leftovers - Riga

Supported by the Cultural Capital Riga 2014, the Occupation Museum of Latvia & Culture Point North


images of leftovers

This was Leftovers from the War – a guided tour of history through the eyes of 4 European families. This link will take you to photos of our performance work in Odsherred, summer 2013…

Leftovers – DK


leftovers in helsinki

I’m currently in the wonderful city of Helsinki working with 3 colleagues that I met in 2004: Elin Petersdottir (ICE), Janne Saarakkala (FIN) and Ivo Breidis (LAT). Our performance Leftovers from the War premiers on the 8th of November and looks at family history, WW II and the generation that was handed things on a silver plate.

Leftovers from the War is presented by the Baltic Circle Festival 2012 and supported by Kulturkontakt Nord.