winter readings

The LITT Festival at Vallekilde Højskole in February collected a inspiring group of writers and attendants. We were asked to stage the poems Find Holger Danske by the uncompromising and powers poet Maja Lee Langevad in the local church. Previous to our reading Langvad gave a concise and thought provoking speech about her new work Hun er Vred. The gist of it was: “I have no more words. I cannot speak about this subject anymore”. Respect! Maybe the time has come for the works to speak for themselves. Our presentation was seeking the balance between honouring Langvad’s poems and introducing elements of humorous comments on Danishness.
Photos courtesy of the LITT TALK Team.

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poetic performance

This coming February a pervious performance is revisited for the LITT TALK Festival at Vallekilde Højskole. In collaboration with sound artist Thomas Burø and actor Simon Vagn Jensen I will give performative life to the powerful word of Maja Lee Langvad: Find Holger Danske. A hard hitting collection of poems about experiences of being an adoptee from Korea.

Performance: Feb. 8th at 5pm in Vallekilde Church. Hosted by