normal is not easy

Planing a trans-Baltic performance takes a lot of preparation, coordination and artistic exchange. The work on Normal Cake, Please had a good start in 2017 but we quickly realised the project is bigger and more complex that it’s predecessor: In the Nude.

Embracing the topic of “normality” is complex in a time when normalising certain, marginalised groups in society demonstrates necessary, positive signs of inclusion – but on the other hand there is a normalisation of both inhumane actions and speech taking place that we all should be alarmed by. So, we pose the question: What is normal to you? And are you okay with that?

Performer and standup comedian Jamie MacDonald (CA/ FIN) was welcomed as a member of the team in January 2018, and a new writers workshop was scheduled for July. This turned out to be productive for the writing process and boosting the audience work. And we were able to hold a reading for an invited audience on July 5th.

Photos by Beáta Kublik


the vikings are coming…

A very pleasant surprise arrived in my inbox at the end of last year. The community play group: Frederikssund Vikingespil were interested in staging two plays I wrote for them in 2005 and 2006 as part of a trilogy about the first three Danish kings.
At the time this was a great challenge for me – and brave of the organisers – as I was an urban, British female with no other connection to the vikings apart from probably being invaded by them as some point in history.
I decided to focus on different power structures and the challenges of keeping together a young nation – in addition to being very curious of the women’s roles in the Viking community. Was thrilled to read that one reviewer drew parallels to global political events and the Bush administration when seeing Harald Blåtand.

Poster: Frederikssund Vikingespil 2017

Frederikssund Vikingspil is a community of 300 vikings, who perform outdoor shows each summer. The plays are staged in their specially built arena that seats 1000 people in the woods – it’s a great family event!
Am very honoured they wanted to revisit my plays and look forward to see the 2017 version. Harald Blåtand is performing 23rd June – July 16.